What We Bring to the Table

Terrawerx brings unmatched care and attention to every project. Not only do we understand the benefits of good design, we are committed to delivering value through quality material selection and impeccable workmanship. Whether it’s job planning, site preparation or intricate components, the fine details make all the difference.

Grid item image for Prime Mechanical Contracting <br />

Prime Mechanical Contracting

Grid item image for Cost Plus - Fixed Contract

Cost Plus - Fixed Contract

Grid item image for Design Build Services

Design Build Services

Grid item image for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Grid item image for Grocery / Retail Facilities

Grocery / Retail Facilities

Grid item image for Mechanical Room Replacements

Mechanical Room Replacements

Grid item image for Industrial Warehouse Facilities

Industrial Warehouse Facilities

Grid item image for Manufacturing / Process Facilities

Manufacturing / Process Facilities

Grid item image for Multi Family Buildings

Multi Family Buildings

Grid item image for Emergency Services Facilities

Emergency Services Facilities


Peak performance is the byproduct of intentional planning and skillful execution. Connect with us to discuss your project today.

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